Power-one ABB

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Aurora® Inverters Deliver Increased Energy Harvesting
Across a Broad Range of Operating Conditions

Aurora® Inverters utilize high-efficiency power-conversion technologies, and high-speed independent Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) channels, to increase the amount of usable power that is available from renewable-energy installations. This optimized energy harvesting can significantly increase the ROI of residential and commercial solar-power plants. Aurora® Wind Inverters feature optimized power-transfer capabilities, and high speed inputs, to maximize energy production in residential wind installations.

Industry-Leading Features and Performance
High efficiencies deliver more usable energy – inverters are available with CEC and Euro-rated efficiencies exceeding 96%.
Wind interfaces deliver 99% efficiency when used to condition
the output of a micro-wind generator for use with an inverter.
Extended ambient-temperature operating ranges; models are available to provide full-rated power from -25°C to 50°C.

Unmatched Applications Flexibility
Two-source inputs, with independent MPPTs, optimize power from multiple arrays oriented in different directions.
Solar and wind inverter solutions available from 2kW to 330kW, in residential, commercial, indoor, and outdoor configurations TOP100-SOLAR


Field-Proven Reliability
Grid-connected operation certified to international standards.
Rugged designs provide a 25-year MTBF while delivering full-rated power on a continuous basis.
Outdoor products feature IP65 (NEMA 4X) rated enclosures.
PVI-Central modular architectures support redundant-module configurations, reducing system sensitivity to single-fault failures.

Installer Friendly
Laptop-free configuration via front-panel mounted buttons.
Digital signal processor based controls support self-diagnostics.
Extensive communications interface and software options.
Commercial-grade PVI-Central Inverters are delivered pre-configured and pre-tested, significantly reducing on-site wiring and testing.


Why buy Power-One?
For many years Power-One has developed high performing products for the solar and wind industry. This inverter technology has led it to the position of number two in the world. Our customers, through our technology and our global support program, feel reassured they are maximizing the renewable energy on offer. With maximum efficiencies come maximum returns on investment leading to satisfied customers. At Power-One, we aim high so you can too.

Aiming High with Aurora®
With manufacturing centers in three continents, Power-One and its Aurora brand of power inverters, ranging from 2 kW to 2.5 MW, offer best-in class product performance and reliability. Independent testing has proved the Aurora inverters provides maximum efficiency and energy harvesting. The Aurora range offers some key benefits to help you maximize the energy you are producing.

Power-One’s Aurora string inverters are perfectly suited to a wide range of installation types and sizes. This flexibility allows you to buy with confidence knowing additional solar panels can be added to your installation. Installers throughout the world have found assurance that the Aurora product range will suit their needs.


Wide Input Range
The wide input voltage range of the Aurora inverter allows from very short strings (as few as five solar panels) to long strings (up to 12 solar panels) in order to suit all kind of installations. The wide input range also allows the inverter to start generating energy from the solar panels very early in the morning to late in the afternoon or evening.


Power-One’s industry-leading high speed dual input MPPT technology is one of the key benefits for Aurora customers. Maximum PowerPoint Tracking (MPPT) finds the optimum working point to maximize the energy harvesting. The dual input MPPT offers the ability to process two strings independently so maximizing the energy being harvested, especially useful for rooftops with different orientations (ie East and West).


MPPT Shading
Partial shading is an issue for many installation designers. Clouds or other objects covering the panels can reduce the amount of energy being harvested throughout the entire string of panels. Aurora inverters feature high-speed dual input Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) with MPPT scan function allowing the partial shading to have the minimum effect on the energy being delivered by the string. Independent testing has proved the Aurora inverters offers best-in-class performance in the speed it returns to maximum efficiency following partial shading.

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