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innotech solar


The EcoPlus module is the premium product of Innotech Solar.
The module is manufactured exclusively in Sweden. The process in which it is
manufactured is one of a kind and places it into the top class.
A special glass with an antireflection surface (Sunarc Technology) achieves a
higher output power during scattered and low light conditions.

Innotech Solar uses only cell materials from leading premium cell manufacturers.
To eliminate the possibility of hotspot formation thoroughly, strict ITS control-criteria
mandate a thermo-picture of each cell before and after processing TOP100-SOLAR

Price-performance ratio
Innotech Solar’s innovative use of cell processing technology allows to offer high
quality modules at an attractive price. Furthermore ITS modules guarantee an
excellent yield through positive sorting (-0/+10 Wp).

Innotech Solar taps resources by optimizing cells that are rejected by manufacturers
due to electrical characteristics. Compared to common crystalline processes, modules
with upgraded ITS cells reduce energy use in production by 90%. As a result, ITS
customers can considerably decrease their carbon footprint.


Greener than Green

The cell and module process of ITS improves the overall production efficiency of the

PV-industry while achieving highest production quality. The raw material used for ITS

Cells is usable only by ITS’ unique process, resulting in the lowest carbon footprint for

crystalline modules.


Long Term Warranty

Our modules come with a 12 year standard warranty!

registration. Performance warranty is 90% of output power for 10 years and 80% for

25 years, according to the Warranty Conditions of ITS

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